Results for the All Aged Retriever Cold Game Test on Sunday 19th September.
Held at Mill Lane, Walcott, Aston Cantlow, B49 6NA
1st Charlotte Brailsford
2nd Vicki Ruston
3rd Jackie Martin
4th Miss C Jones
Results for the Open Working Test held at Merivale Eststes on 18th July
1st Jane Coley – Mekoro Shot Marker of Waterford
2nd Dawn Scott – Diglake Napravnik
3rd Pat Bell – Higgscroft Omega at Pallingforth
CoM J. Deeming – Ashport Bertie if Goldenvine
CoM E. Nunneley – Swiftlands Dora
CoM E. Nunneley – Swiftlands Briar
Results for the
Retriever Novice Working Test
held at Merivale Estates on 18th July
1st V. Pritchard- English Sam of Vamp
2nd B. Wilkinson – Tempurong Ferny Hollow
3rd T. Orchard – College Robbie of Tadmarton
CoM V.Pritchard – Vamp Jiaogulan
CoM M.Robertson- Gortons Mist